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The Ultimate Guide To Kayaking In Gozo

With its crystal-clear waters, hidden caves and dramatic cliffs, Gozo is a paradise for all sorts of land and sea adventures.  If you’re looking for the perfect way to mix stunning Mediterranean sea-scapes with an exhilarating experience, then how about signing up for a kayaking trip in Gozo?


Guided Tours: Opting for a guided tour is a smart move for newcomers to kayaking or those unfamiliar with the area. Reputable companies provide fully qualified kayak guides to ensure your safety while leading you to the most scenic spots.

Before setting off, these guides will assist you in getting acquainted with the basics of paddling a high-quality sit-in sea kayak, making the experience welcoming even to beginners.

Various options for full and half-day tours are available, exploring the coastline, navigating past rocky formations, and uncovering hidden caves. During the summer months, these tours often include stops for rest and swimming, allowing participants to enjoy the pristine warm waters of Gozo and Comino to the fullest.

Gozo Malta: 5 Top Outdoor Adventure Activities You Don’t Want to Miss!

Malta’s all year round good weather makes it a perfect place for lovers of outdoor sports and adventure activities. Especially Gozo, Malta’s smaller sister island, has become an expert on adventure sports with a wide variety of options to choose from.

Let’s have a look at the 5 top adventure activities on Gozo Malta!

The adventure actually already starts on the ferry between the harbour in Malta and Gozo. It’s only a 25 minute ride, but you’ll have great views over the clear waters and can mentally prepare for all the adventure awaiting you…

Today, the Gozo channel ferry has 3 modern ships that carry 3 million passengers to the other side annually, but in the past people had to light a fire to signal the boat owners in Gozo that they needed a ride.

Until 1960, the ferries were also much smaller traditional boats. The ‘Gozo Boat’ was painted in green, blue, red and yellow. Black boats carried the dead. The boats were also decorated with the eye of Horus to protect them from evil.

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ABSEIL-UTELY FAB Malta has it all – sun, abseiling, history and wine make it an ideal destination

With the sun high in the sky and our eyes firmly on the ground, we clamber across a rocky ancient olive grove.

Pretending to be lost, I pass the hand-drawn map to my partner to lead the way.

“Left,” she says triumphantly and takes us through a clearing in the trees.

Suddenly she stops, startled.

In front of us is a sumptuous-looking picnic on cushions, with views to the sparkling Mediterranean sea below.

As she turns, I smile knowingly, go down on one knee and pop the question:
“What’s for dinner, love?”

I am on the island of Gozo for an adventure holiday in the Maltese archipelago and it starts with a wild dining experience from Gozo Picnic.

The idea is the brainchild of host Ana, who combines loves of food and nature.

Her locations and menus change with the weather but she always knows the most scenic spots at which to set up.

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4 days in Malta: A Malta itinerary on things to do in Malta without a car

If you’re planning to visit Malta, you might be wondering how many days to spend in Malta.  Although it’s easy to spend to one week in Malta, I considered four days to be the perfect amount of time in Malta to see the main sightseeing attractions in Malta.

If you’re wondering what to do in Malta without the expense of a car, keep reading as you can do a surprising number of things in Malta during four days.  I wrote this guide as most of the guides that I found about Malta focused on having a car.

Malta is small, so my husband and I chose not to rent a car during my long weekend in Malta as I felt that we could see everything that I wanted to see with the bus after checking the schedule.

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Featured on the German TV Program "Grenzenlos - Die Welt entdecken"

Video in German

Around two million visitors travel to Malta each year. A new record has been set in 2018, as the capital Valletta has been named European Capital of Culture. No wonder, because despite the small size - the entire archipelago is just as big as Munich - one superlative chases the next. 7,000 years of human history have left impressive traces. Did you know that the oldest free-standing structures in the world are in Malta? They are temples 2,000 years older than Stonehenge or the pyramids of Giza.

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Climbing in winter: 5 good reasons for Malta

Article in German

Warm weather, hundreds of routes, low prices - find out why the Mediterranean island is the ideal destination for a climbing holiday in the cold season.

As the days get shorter and the native rocks become moister, many climbers ask: where to? Where to go in the cold season to experience exciting as well as relaxed climbing vacations? With varied sport climbing routes , southern joie de vivre and a warm sea for swimming. So where is the ideal area for climbing in the winter half-year ?

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5 jours à Gozo, l’île radieuse de Méditerranée !

Article in French

Leave the grisaille spring bordelaise to reach GOZO, an unknown island sunny, it is already the announcement of a great adventure!

Located in the Mediterranean between Sicily and Tunisia, Gozo is part of the archipelago of Malta. To start this early June, without going too far, we embark with you discover all the beauty of this part of the Mediterranean around the island of GOZO and COMINO.

In the program of this little refreshing week: To sail, to swim, to dive, simply to live in the open air because I feel it these islands want us good.

Find our 5-day program and all the practical information! 

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Short break in Gozo... Gozo, Malta

Malta's tiny island of Gozo is a wilder prospect than the more cultured mainland, but few take the time to really see it. Gareth Clark explores this slow-travel gem.

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Why I chose Gozo

Frenchman Xavier Cornil Wambergue explains what brought him to Gozo, and why he made it his home. 

I first heard of Gazo back in 1998 when I was working for a manufacturing company in the UK, and my job involved buying materials for their sister company in Xewkija. As the company grew, I was made Director of the factory in Gozo, and, along with my partner Rachel, made the move to live an the island in January 2008. Three years later, the company wanted to move me again, and I was horrified at the idea! Through the factory, I knew so many people, and Gozo had well and truly become our home. 

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How to make an adventure of your Gozo holiday

Baron Holiday Homes is proud of its reputation for providing guests with high quality self-catering apartments, villas and farmhouses. But having a great place to stay is only one element of a memorable holiday. 

We understand holiday time is precious and we not only offer a range of in-house services to our guests (from a private chef to a pool-side massage), we have also forged partnerships with trusted local suppliers to help you, your family and your friends make the most of your visit to gorgeous Gozo.We call it the Baron Experience.

One of our leading partners is Gozo Adventures, which organises a wide range of sporting and ecotourism activities as well as day tours, family tours, corporate events, and team building activities. 

We talked recently with Xavier Wambergue, owner and director of Gozo Adventures, to find out what makes the company tick and to hear more about the great range of activities they offer our guests.

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Gozo: a weekend of history and adventure activities

Small but perfectly formed, the Maltese island of Gozo has plenty of historical and natural treasures to fill a long weekend and more. And its diminutive, Manhattan-equalling size ensures that getting from one to another, whether by foot, bicycle, taxi or public bus, is breeze.

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Malta: Discovering Gozo Island by Kayak with Gozo Adventures

Article in French

The archipelago of Malta is composed of several islands, of which 3 main ones to visit: Malta, Comino and Gozo.

I have already started to talk about Malta and its capital Valletta (here), and I will come back soon because the island has a multitude of treasures! Comino is a small rock that hides within it the most beautiful waters of the Mediterranean: the Blue Lagoon. That too, I'll talk about it very soon. As for Gozo, it is an island larger than Comino but smaller and wilder than Malta.

It's Gozo that I'm going to talk to you today, because I had the chance to visit his coast kayaking with Gozo Adventures *.

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Temples, Tunnels And Towers – Why You Need To Visit Gozo

It’s worth visiting Gozo, if only for this incredible boat trip experience! I’ve just travelled in a small, open vessel along a natural tunnel which cuts through the cliff face here on the west coast of this small Maltese island. My boat trip started at what’s termed the inland sea. It’s a small shale and pebble beach set around a lagoon of tidal water. This pool is circled by high, crumbling yellow cliffs on two sides.

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Gozo: the ideal active summer holiday for a single dad of two

Holidays are a fraught experience for any parent, but when you have only one pair of eyes, it’s far trickier. I became a single father when my wife Carolina died in June 2013. On our first holiday as a family of three, I played it safe and took Jake and Isabella, then eight and six, on an all-inclusive trip to Mallorca. We hardly left the hotel complex; its pool and unlimited food and drink made life easy for me. However, by the end of the week, Jake was bored. My challenge the following year was to find something more adventurous. I settled on a small group family activity holiday, which promised climbing, snorkelling, kayaking and diving – all new experiences for my children. The tour operator, Activities Abroad, bills the trip as a week with a fixed schedule, where parents get time to relax and let the guides take responsibility – no need to stress about booking excursions or getting lost in a hire car.

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