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With the sun high in the sky and our eyes firmly on the ground, we clamber across a rocky ancient olive grove.

Pretending to be lost, I pass the hand-drawn map to my partner to lead the way.

“Left,” she says triumphantly and takes us through a clearing in the trees.

Suddenly she stops, startled.

In front of us is a sumptuous-looking picnic on cushions, with views to the sparkling Mediterranean sea below.

As she turns, I smile knowingly, go down on one knee and pop the question:
“What’s for dinner, love?”

I am on the island of Gozo for an adventure holiday in the Maltese archipelago and it starts with a wild dining experience from Gozo Picnic.

The idea is the brainchild of host Ana, who combines loves of food and nature.

Her locations and menus change with the weather but she always knows the most scenic spots at which to set up.