Gozo Adventures Header - Kayaking

Adventure lovers, welcome to your Neverland. A place where you can hike, bike, kayak, abseil, boulder, deep-water solo, swim, dive… all within a short distance from one another. Welcome to Gozo, Europe’s active hotspot. And Gozo adventure happens all year round!

The first time I visited Gozo, fifteen years ago, I remember liking how varied the island was, how many sights it manages to pack in just 67 square kilometers. We visited ancient villages, beaches with red sand, the prehistoric temples of Ggantjia, cliffs, canyons and coves, all just a few minutes drive from one another.

When we returned last April, the first thing we did was climbing to the highest point, Victoria’s Cittadella, and see the island from above. Cittadella is right in the centre of Gozo, and from there we saw the coastline on all four sides. After all, Gozo is tiny – Malta’s sister island is only about a quarter of the size of its larger neighbour, and all together with nearby Comino they form one of Europe’s 7 smallest countries.