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Gozo - The next climbing destination

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Group Events

At Gozo Adventures we understand that in order to provide successful team building events they must be fun and exciting set in a goal orientated environment.

We have over 20 years of activity experience on Gozo publishing two activity guidebooks. This gives us the knowledge to create tours with a difference or help to custom build your ideal event.

We offer a number of different standard events as well as work closely with our clients in order to create custom itineraries, that incorporates the unique landscapes of the Maltese islands, which are a natural playground, steeped in history, culture and tradition. A great backdrop for any group event!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt
The Scavenger Hunt combines activities with the exploration of Gozo in a balanced manor to suit every client.

With a wide range of activities at our disposal we create challenges and tasks in places of natural beauty, that offer a group who are looking for something challenging and fun?

Adventure Tour

Adventure Tour
The Maltese islands are a paradise for adventure lovers! From climbing to diving, abseiling to sea kayaking, biking to hiking almost anything is possible!

Gozo Adventures adventure tour offers action packed day incorporating several activities, we will never leave you short of an adventure!

Team Building Games

Team Building Games
Team ‘bonding’ and the development of a close-knit team is something that every company should invest in.
Our team building games tear down the walls in communication difficulties, provide avenues that encourage discussion, and use encouragement to help develop a cohesive group. We encourage team members to try to motivate one another, so everyone will try harder to accomplish the team objectives. 

The games can be organized in a single location or spread over the island to combine with an island tour.
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