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If you are looking to go climbing on Gozo then look no further! Our experienced guides will take you to the best locations on the island to suit your experience and climbing interests. We cater for all levels, from beginners to experienced climbers and welcome families and children.


Experience the fun and thrill of descending the side of a cliff. Our experienced guides will teach you how to get from the top to the bottom safely - and also how to climb up again!


We offer guided bike tours and help with bike rentals.

10 - 15 km route - This route is suitable for all levels of fitness. It avoids any major hills and travels down country roads, through villages and along sea cliffs with spectacular views over the coastline.

20 - 30 km route - We have a number of routes on offer that are moderate to difficult. In these routes there will be a mixture of relaxing riding, some big hills and some technical sections.



Our walking and hiking routes take you into the quieter areas of the island to enjoy the best of the stunning scenery. We know every part of the island, so tell us a little about your interests and fitness, and we'll find a route to suit you.

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